Your digital logistic ecosystem

Management, control, and automation of logistics processes are the driving force of 4Vation.

Our goal is to implement solutions by providing a high-quality Control Tower service coupled with a system to support related activities allowing you to smoothly and efficiently manage your supply chain across a broad business ecosystem.

Our core compentencies

Our contribution to increase your company value.

  • We rely on the concept of a control tower (CT) to ensure the visibility of the supply chain to all participants in the process.

  • We are an independent integrator with no links to the market of operators and carriers.

  • Full visibility of processes and effective management.

  • We ensure full insight into costs, KPIs, transparent price lists and evaluation of logistics of the Customer.

  • Clearly established procedures, constant monitoring and provision of reliable information.

Digital ecosystem
  • We combine our resources, capabilities and technologies into one environment.

  • Our model effectively manages the supply chain by integrating operational excellence with state-of-the-art IT solutions.

Next generation
  • Our platform is based on leading technological achievements, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

  • Real-time data processing makes it possible to have a quick insight into the processes and allows to make profitable business decisions in a short time.


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