Emission calculation

Measuring your greenhouse gas emissions

Transportation is a major contributor to global emissions accounting for approximately 30% of global greenhouse gases. Since transport logistics is normally an outsourced activity, measuring the amount of greenhouse gases generated by logistics activities can be a daunting task.
4PLCS offer several services that help you set your emissions baseline to meet targets and create transparency in your reporting.

Transparent CO2 figures/reports comparable across carriers and year-to-year
Establish baselines in accordance with scientific based targets (SBTi)
Consolidate reporting across carriers and modes of transport.
Comparative analysis of emissions between sites, suppliers, and regions
Simulations and scenarios - predict emissions of your logistics setup, e.g. "What if I change final mile to EVs?"
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How does it work

  1. You share your available shipment statistics and your carrier emission reports.
  2. TEC calculates the CO2 equivalents (well-to wheel) for each shipment based on established standards and methods.
  3. A detailed report is generated showing total emission and emission intensities for your shipments and activities.
  4. You are provided with an interactive dashboard showing your transport emissions and targets.
"I would have to had hire several FTEs and spend half a fortune on software licenses to obtain similar results as I have done using TEC "

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Additional services

In addition to calculating emission figures for shipments already carried out we offer:

  • Simulations and scenarios - predict emission intensity of your logistics projects.
  • Tracking of supplier reporting - including evaluation and follow-up meetings with your carriers and suppliers over time.
  • Routing and execution audits - we track a sample of your shipments to validate that the transportation is carried out in the way your carrier describes it.

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