Intralogistics projects

Performance improvement and cost savings

Intralogistics includes all logistical material and product flows, which take place within the production supply chain process or in all distribution areas.

In many companies there is a considerable potential in intralogistics to achieve an improvement of performance and cost savings.

4PL Central Station, through its professional and pragmatic project management style, is able to offer the holistic implementation of complex projects in the division of intralogistics.

Determination of the optimal storage location
Center of gravity analysis
Conception of deposits / warehouse layout
Detailed scope setup of operational procedures and product
Tendering and implementation of warehouse concepts
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Warehouse optimization & proces analysis

  • Material flow optimization
  • Inventory reduction
  • Warehouse process optimization
  • Production supply and removal
  • Inbound / Outbound proces analysis
  • Picking / Packing proces analysis
  • Quality control
  • Storage types / Inventory management


  • Holistic warehouse optimization – Analysis and optimization of intralogistics processes
  • Conceptual design of warehouse layouts
  • Increase of productivity – Reduction of processing times – Streamlined warehouse processes
  • Abrogation of redundant work flows – Harmonization of similar tasks – Reduction of administrative effort

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