Freight procurement

Increase quality, reduce costs

Within the purchasing of logistics, 4PL Central Station follows a holistic and continuous approach with the long-term goal of improving quality and saving costs.

Based on the experience of previous projects, on average we have achieved savings of 20%.

Short-term implementation with high savings potential
Individual compensation model, which can be 100% performance related (= no investment, no risk)
Creation of transparency and sustainable quality
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Tender proces management

  • Data acquisition of shipment and freight cost structures
  • Prioritization of tender segments through potentials
  • Set up of detailed scope of operational procedures and product (SOP / SLA)
  • Selection out of more than 21,000 logistics service providers
  • E-Tendering process through advanced software
  • Detailed evaluation of the results with scenario simulation
  • Final cost negotiations with logistics service providers
  • Operational implementation of new logistics service providers
  • Conceptual design of costs, volume and quality reports


  • Competence in freight procurement in all modes of transport – Deep industry knowledge
  • Market knowledge -Market access – Volume bundling – Benchmarking
  • Standardization – SOP/SLA – Freight simulation
  • Tender Management – Supplier evaluation – NCR Management

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